Welcome our information page for Trainers who are interested in the 2020 McDowells Australian
Brumby Challenge. We are sure you will have a lot of questions and we hope this will answer
many of them.

If you are wondering about the Brumbies who will be partnered with Trainers, have a look on our
Brumbies page, which will give you a fair bit of information about them.
What do you, as a Trainer need to know and do before applying?

Transport: Trainers are required to pick up the Brumbies from the Victorian Brumby Associations
Brumby Junction Sanctuary in Glenlogie, near Beaufort at the commencement of the McDowells
Australian Brumby Challenge. Brumbies will only be loaded into either fully enclosed stockcrates
or trucks with slide gates. This is a safety requirement, for both the Brumbies and the loaders and
is not negotiable. Stock trailers are easily sourced for rental from most towns and in the past we
have even had trainers get together to transport 2 or 3 Brumbies together. There is also an
excellent transport company which transports completely unhandled horses all over Australia who
we are happy to recommend. We have been transporting wild Brumbies for many years and are
very happy to answer any questions you may have about transporting the Brumbies to your

Facilities: You will need appropriate facilities to house and train a completely wild Brumby. Your
yard for accommodating the Brumby will need to be of post and rail construction (portable panels
are great for this!) and 6’ or 1.8m in height. The yard for initially accommodating the Brumby will
need to be a minimum of 6m x 6m. Keep in mind that the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge
commences during winter, so you may want to have some sand or similar to prevent the surface
from getting too muddy. Once you have done some basic training with the Brumby, they will be
perfectly fine in standard farm fencing, which is what they are used to here at our Sanctuary.
Knowledge: Training Brumbies requires patience, consistency and empathy. We have had
trainers who have trained many unhandled horses and trainers who have never trained an
unhandled horse undertake our Australian Brumby Challenge – all with great success. Timing, feel
and empathy are all more important than many years of experience!

Background: Part of the application process does involve Trainers providing references to
support their background and capacity. These could be from someone whose horse you have
trained or from someone who knows you and sees you with horses regularly or even your own

Costs: Trainers are responsible for the day to day costs of feeding and caring for the Brumby
during the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge in the case of unexpected veterinary bills, we
ask that trainers get in touch with us to discuss.

Sponsorship: The Australian Brumby Challenge is proudly sponsored by McDowells Herbal who
are incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and very supportive of the Brumbies and Trainers.
We will also have other sponsors to be announced prior to the commencement of the McDowells
Australian Brumby Challenge. Trainers are also able to source their own sponsorship so long as it
doesn’t clash with existing event sponsors. We are happy to answer any questions about

Important dates: Applications for the Australian Brumby Challenge are now open and close on 29 th

February 2020. We have a compulsory Trainer Induction Day for successful trainers at our Brumby

Junction Sanctuary in Glenlogie, Victoria on the 18 th of April and The McDowells Australian Brumby

Challenge starts with pickup day at our Sanctuary on the 21 st of June 2020. The finals event is held at

EQUITANA Melbourne from the 18 th to the 22 nd of November 2020.

Interstate Trainers: Yes, you can apply if you live interstate! We have had trainers from
Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and even New Zealand (yes, they took the
Brumbies they were training home to New Zealand for the duration of the event, returning for the
Finals at EQUITANA!). Obviously, we need to be bound by the Code of Transport in terms of how
far horses can be transported each day, however, we have some great, wild horse safe stopover
recommendations and are happy to talk more to Trainers with any questions.

More questions: Please get in touch! We are happy to talk through any questions or concerns
you might have. You can email info@australianbrumbychallenge.com.au or send a message
through the @australianbrumbychallenge facebook page or call Colleen on 0408 201 107 between
10 and 5 each day.


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