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Australian Brumby Challenge

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-1st August 2016: Auction Bidder Registration open
-20th October 2016: Trainers cut off for submitting purchase of horse application.

- 21st October: Publication of all ABC brumbies available for auction
-16th November 2016: Trainers arrive with Brumbies at Equitana. 

-16th November 2016: Final Health checks and Vet clearance for all Brumbies 
-17th-20th November 2016: ABC Finals at Equitana Melbourne at the Melbourne Showgrounds. 

Important dates:

To see these Brumbies transform​ from wild to wonderful in 150 days is just amazing. Not only is this a fantastic event for the trainers involved to showcase their horsemanship skills but it provides a chance for these wild horses to live happy and secure lives. The VBA is dedicated to promoting humane management of Australia's wild horses and re-homing is a hugely important aspect of this management, and to re-home as many horses as we can we need the public to see the value in our Brumbies that we do! 

Vba PRESIDENT, Colleen O'brien