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Amanda and Ballarat - Week 1

Ballarat is a super inquisitive, sensitive mare who learns quickly. On the first day being worked she went from only being able to be touched lightly on the nose to brushing all over her face and starting down her neck.

Ballarat (or ‘brat’ as she is affectionately called) is spunky and bold, often giving herself a fright at how brave she is when she remembers humans are meant to be scary! When faced with something she is unsure about she approaches, rather than retreats, and stomps her feet. She is the smallest of our three mares but compensates with lots of personality.

This week Ballarat has been haltered, taught to lead and tie up. Has ventured outside the yards and began work on obstacles, stepping over logs and up onto a platform. She has also had a cover lain over her, has had a surcingle on and I have started gently putting some weight across her back. She is also happy to walk into a covered stable area by herself.

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