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Amanda and Ballarat - Week 16

Slow and steady has been a winning formula for this gorgeous girl! After months of building the basics on the ground and ridden she finally has the muscle, condition and mindset for more. This week everything has come together just like I was hoping and we have had some super rides! Her trot and canter is coming along nicely with very good transitions, a great rhythm and lovely movement. On type and capabilities she is one of the nicest ponies I have worked with for her height and I am so excited to see what she does in the coming years. Today she learn how to do flying changes and they were easy for her, she also learnt to canter into jumps and did small courses of 50cm – she is going to be a super Show Hunter pony. Just four weeks to Equitana but that’s plenty of time; it no longer feels like I’m working with a wild horse, but rather a capable young pony who’s been handled for most of her life.


I did have a fall off her this week though, I was cantering her on the farm a couple of days ago and she got a fright and leapt sideways - being so small I flew over her neck as there is nothing for me to hang on to. She’s pretty cool and I am really happy with her progress; I think she’s right where she needs to be and more advanced that a lot of other wild horses so soon out of the wild.


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