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Amanda and Ballarat - Week 2

Week two has passed quickly with Ballarat. At the beginning of the week I spent a bit of time brushing her and getting her used to walking over different terrains (driveway past scary things, buildings etc). She can be quick to react if anything happens to fast so I have spent a lot of time getting her settled. She wasn’t confident with more than one person around her initially so again we worked slowly with that until she could handle people patting her on both sides of the body at once.

Ballarat learnt to load onto the trailer as well and took it amazingly going in within a few minutes.

We decided to head to Barmah for a adventure through it’s National park in the weekend and she handled the travelling well and enjoyed being lead through the gum trees for an hour before returning to camp where I proceeded to back her. She took it really well and I was able to sit up on her and walk her with my sister leading her. Since then she has had two days off and I will begin working her again today.

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