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Amanda and Ballarat - Week 20

Ballarat has been having lots of fun – she loves the ball and if you give her long reins she finds it on the arena and will push it around with her legs and head. She’s super to pick up the ball, throw it off her, push it between her legs (although since she’s gained weight it doesn’t really fit)! She’s also been learning to jump a little more, this time little walls and courses. She has all the makings to a top Show Hunter pony, and also managed a few flying changes.


I’ve also been trekking her out on the farm, alone and in groups just to make sure she’s confident and happy out and about. Sometimes she is still green in the canter transitions and with the jumping, but considering she’s probably only cantered under saddle about 10 times she’s quite the little pro. The wild ponies come so far and a lot of the time you can treat her like a normal pony so it’s easy to forget she used to be wild. 

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