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Amanda and Ballarat - Week 21

Ballarat is coming along so well, she’s pretty gorgeous! This week the focus has been on having the kids ride her, because at 12.3hh it’s kids that will be bidding on her most likely! I’ve had 9-year-old Shanti on her – she’s a pretty gutsy little rider and was walk, trot, cantering her and jumped her up to 80cm over one oxer which is the highest she’s ever jumped – she has the most beautiful technique and scope. The next day Shanti rode her bareback down tot he river and had a swim on her which both pony and kid LOVED, then another ride on the arena doing a bit of everything including obstacles. Since then I’ve just been having a a run through of everything she enjoys and does well and am really impressed with how she’s come along. She probably only had 15 rides in the lead up to Equidays (mid October) and then has been ridden consistently since then, the extra time was exactly what she needed and she’s really progressed like a champ in the past month.


We’re going to keep things pretty simple for our freestyle, but Ballarat can walk, trot and canter on a soft contact, she can side pass, jump, rein back, turn on the haunches, canter to halt, simple changes, trek on the buckle in large groups, swim in the river, carry obstacles, navigate over and under a range of obstacles, leg yield, load on the truck and float, and although a little reactive at time she is incredible and further advanced than most wild ponies I have worked with in the same time frame – I’m really impressed by her and think she’s going to be the ultimate allround pony. 


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