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Have you ever met a horse and felt perfectly at home? Maybe that’s love at first sight? Well that’s how it’s felt this week with VBA Wrangler, never have I met a horse that felt so right.
Day 1 and we picked the boys up, it feels like weeks ago I had felt that overwhelming feeling of excitement of what brumby I would be partnered up with. Looking at all the horses on induction day a month ago I had only one hope… my brumby wouldn’t be brown. Well, later on that day, I loaded my little brown horse. That night we had our first touch and already, he had well redeemed himself for being brown.

 Day 3 and my little man wore his first halter and I had my first brumby cuddle (don’t tell my other horses, but turns our brumbies give the best cuddles). Throughout the past couple days we had established face up and touch, two skills that allowed Wrangler to not feel trapped. Being caught and touched was up to him and he had all the time in the world to find the solution. 
Day 4 and we had a halter and lead, funny thing was he had learnt to come into space and had learnt to face up and disengage his hinds before I had even had a halter on him… so on day 5 we had walk away and lead with no problems, he knew how to get release before we even began. Day 6 we tested our forwards cue and how much Wrangler trusted in my leadership to go forwards no matter what the challenge, so on this day we went forwards onto a podium… Hello Cavalia! Day 7 Wrangler began to learn how to send his shoulders, ribs and then hinds onto a circle to establish some lunging, always finishing off with our favourite movement, disengage the hinds. Week 1 seems to have flown by and I can’t wait for the coming weeks with my little Wrangler.

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