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Week 10 hasn’t been everything I had ever dreamed of and more, but it has been a better week and all I’m looking for is 1% better everyday. Wrangler is starting to once again become the happy horse I had first met, knowing I’m not going to ask for anything more than what he’s happy to give me. Wrangler still gets easily confused and once that happens he panics and becomes overwhelmed, losing all the confidence he has been working on gaining. This can make learning new things challenging because I have to be so sure everything I am doing is accurate, the tiniest things like my toes pointing in the wrong direction he notices.

The way Wrangler and I have been forming our bond again isn’t anything exciting as someone may think working with a frightened and sometime angry brumby is, there’s no big whip cracking or yelling and trying to intimidate each other. Every time my little brown brumby goes back 3 steps I go with him, we find what he’s confident with and we work on that until his self esteem is in a more positive place, then its end of session. I don’t get greedy and take advantage of Wrangler being in a better place, I reward him for that, so that he can make the association that being happy is the best, easiest thing to do.

This week however Wrangler is like the Wrangler I used to know and love on the ground, first thing in the morning he yells out when he see’s my car, then he yells out every time he see’s me for the rest of the day. In the paddock he will spend most sunny days lying down next to me, eager for cuddles and scratches (Wrangler would do just about anything for a scratch, his favourite spot is just under his mane near his whither).

I decided this morning that instead of finishing a week, writing an update and feeling like we haven’t progressed, instead I am going to thank my little brown brumby every week. Thankyou Wrangler for the cuddles this week (we both needed them), Thankyou for telling me you weren’t okay and Thankyou for trying again every single day for me.