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Week 11, back in touch with my wild one.

Its been a hard week this week, my family and I lost our very first pony and we were all left heartbroken, this majorly affected my motivation this week with all my horses. However, the moment I saw Wrangler the day after losing our pony, something changed. Wrangler and I have been through a lot this challenge so far and one thing I have noticed about the brumbies is that you can’t hide your emotions, they can read you better than any human, or any other horse ever could. We worked together again for the first time this challenge, he could tell I was off and he was happy to just spend the day comforting me, keeping his nose next to me and softly breathing next to me for as long as I needed, we sat and we sat for what seemed like hours just being in each others company.

I finally felt back in the groove with Wrangler, not because we achieved anything significant but because we both let our guard down and were able to understand each other. I’ve become significantly more aware of my body language this week because of this, seeing how easily Wrangler could read my body I knew now more than ever I had to be more aware of myself so that our training could be just as united. In particular I’ve become much more focused on where my toes are pointing and where my shoulders are directing my space for Wrangler to go into, making sure I’m not drawing him in when I want to send him around the circle, but also making sure I am directing that energy in a certain direction.

I also decided to have a play with the bitless bridle this week, Wrangler and I love our bombers bits, especially our Bombers Bits Happy Tongue which has been professional fitted to Wrangler by Gary Mudgway. However I have noticed how much Wrangler focuses on his bit in his training, and I want to give him as many easily accomplished sessions as possible to improve his self esteem and confidence. Having ridden him last week in a halter, his attention span was significantly better when he was given one question rather than finding multiple possible questions and solutions.

Wrangler, my little brown brumby, I love you.

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