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Week 12 was the week of the adventure brumby, testing our cues out in a new environment and strengthening ones we haven’t used as much just yet.

Each morning that Wrangler comes out of his box he crosses a grass patch, however since the first few weeks we have established that unless I say so, this grass patch is not for eating. However, once we head out into the grassy endless fields of Tubbarubba Fairyland, Wrangler was sure this grass meant otherwise and that all rules were off. This was awesome, everytime Wrangler makes a mistake I get the opportunity to strengthen the cues I haven’t had much chance to work on. Every time Wrangler are the grass I’d send him on a circle, causing quiet the tantrum from my little brown brumby, who was I to seperate him from the best grass on the entire farm? No matter how many times Wrangler ate or got cross I stayed consistent, offering him to either stand next to me or he was more than welcome to eat the grass, but that would only lead to him doing more work than was necessary. These walks are so important leading up to EQUITANA, when we get into the arena to perform, I expect him to be a part of the team and work in harmony together, not be pleading with him to leave the grass alone for just one second.

During our walks Wrangler also got to experience new things, such as low hanging trees that might grab at his mane, or our herd of Arabian mares and foals running around in the distance. In particular Wrangler noticed how much different the saddle felt as he walked down/up hill and had to lift his back so much more.

Most important though these walks around everywhere we decided to explore were moments together with my brumby, no pressure, no job, just to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the sun. Now Wrangler and I feel more than ready to take on Week 13 and focus more on our ridden work.