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Join Amber and VBA Wrangler on their journey !

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Week 13 

This week Wrangler and I worked on our foundations for our ridden work, although Wrangler has done these before, I want to ensure he understands my vital aids before we do anything more challenging. Our main focus was Wrangler moving his hip and not his shoulders when I bend him and ask him to take his first steps, I want to make sure I have control of each individual body part before we add it all together so I am setting my horse up to have balance and rhythm. Even though Wrangler may be a little brown brumby, a performance career can always be on the cards for him… this week we had a play over some jumps in the round yard, and I’m thinking I may have a little showjumper in there once his body and mind strengthen!

Wrangler being so young I want to make sure I am setting him up for success, there is no point rushing him now when he isn’t even a quarter of the way through his life yet!

Wrangler had a play on the walking machine as well this week which we use for all our endurance horses, Wrangler not only learnt to go with the pressure of the walking machine, but also to stay at that same pace, no matter how much he rushes or lags behind, the walker doesn’t wait for him. However this was good for Wrangler as no emotion or reaction came from him not finding the right solution, as the walker wont get mad or upset at him if he doesn’t come, it stays consistent no matter what until Wrangler finds the correct answer.

Wrangler and I can’t wait for Week 14 and hopefully to improve on our ridden work, however I will take what Wrangler gives me no matter what and enjoy the journey.