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Week 15, riding riding riding

This week has been a major turning point, not necessarily for Wrangler but for me and not only just as a trainer. My mental voice has been my focus for this week and my self belief. So far in this challenge I’ve been through 101 emotions, but prominently I’ve been stuck believing it won’t work, and when something does work, I tell myself “don’t get to excited, it won’t last”. The crazy thing is, I KNOW it will work, that is why I use The System to train my horses, in theory I know exactly what to do and that we WILL get there. However my own self doubt clouds all rationality, if my voice is defeated, so are my muscles which wrangler feeds off... in turn leaving me with a defeated and confused horse.

On Monday Lara and VBA Cooper (also in the challenge) gave Wrangler and I a lesson. When I first got on telling Wrangler he was a good boy was only half believable, I knew my horse was being good, but not exceptional. Funny thing was, once I really truly believed he WAS exceptional, guess what he was? Better than exceptional. Walk? Perfect. Trot? Balanced. Halt? Gentle.

Throughout this week we have continued to work on the foundations of our ridden work that will set Wrangler up to be the best horse that he can. Before we move on to cantering or taking on any more challenging rides I want to make sure as Wrangler gets more confident our one rein bend remains gentle and willing, so that I can always bend him to a stop if needed. I want to make sure my horse maintains inside flection and that my inside leg asks for him to move out onto a bigger circle rather than go faster, then in turn that it’s my outside leg that asks for him to go forwards. This is crucial for our first canter  in the next coming weeks.

Throughout all of our ridden work this week, we have continued to work on our groundwork, the basis of everything. It’s important we don’t neglect the groundwork for both of our physical and mental wellbeing.