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This week we focused on gaining control of the two speeds we have so far, walk and trot. Wrangler has become far more confident in the past few weeks, as a result walk and trot involve little to no brain power, ticking through the motions happy and relaxed. However, Wrangler being a naturally fast horse, he tends to rush faster than my seat says, so this week we educated my seat.

I would like Wrangler to walk at the speed my seat says, and trot at the speed my seat says. This was just as tricky for me as it was for Wrangler, I hate to activate the muscles in my seat and really focus on consciously placing each back foot where I want it, moving left right in a rhythmical way.

At first Wrangler totally ignored this, walking at his pace preparing himself for trot. However, Wrangler being the clever brumby that he is started to notice when he got release, release in this case was me being totally invisible in my seat. Once Wrangler was confident of his new skills in the walk, we progressed to the trot. Wrangler found this one far easier to understand, trotting at the speed I rose, happily speeding up as I asked and slowing down as I asked.

With 4 weeks to go until EQUITANA, Wrangler and I are feeling excited for the final weeks to come! 

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