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week 20

Week 18 was a big week for Wrangler and I… and the best week to date. We started the week off with a bang going on our first ridden outing. Knowing that at EQUITANA there will be lots of noise but also a white dressage arena, I wanted to expose Wrangler to both these things before his big day. So we took the boys to my house where not only was there lots of loud construction, gardening and other horses, but also a white dressage arena. Wrangler didn’t even blink at the arena however, trusting in my leadership to keep him safe, he knew my decision must be a smart one and I gave him no reason to doubt that. For his first outing I wanted it to be a low stress, energy and pressure ride so we got on and had a walk and trot around as cooper ran around the outside of the arena practicing his super dooper canter.

Wrangler couldn’t have been more perfect on his outing and the week just got better and better.

Wrangler and I started leg yield, jumping small jumps, planning our freestyle but most exciting was that Wrangler had his first canter. We had cantered earlier in the week but it was messy and I knew Wrangler needed to understand my outside leg better before we attempted his canter again, making sure I set my little man up for success. Today when we had another go I couldn’t have asked for any better, wrangler calmly popped into a free moving canter, giving me not 1 or 2 strides like I would have loved, but giving me even more than I could ever have expected, happily staying in canter before I asked for stop in my seat.

Canter was most exciting for us not because of canter itself, but because Wrangler and I had achieved something we never thought we would during this challenge. A few weeks ago I was still questioning if I was the right person for this horse, if I was good enough to train him and if it was fair on Wrangler’s chance of domestic life to be started by me. I could never be more thankful for the people around me, especially Lara Beth to keep pushing me and encouraging me unconditionally, because now not only have I achieved so many goals I thought were off limits, but I’ve also discovered the incredible, one in a million horse I had right in front of me the whole time. Wrangler you are changing my life more than you could ever realise, you’re becoming my other half and I can’t wait for the future with you.