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Week 19, the week Wrangler the wild horse became my horse. I may have purchased Wrangler so on a technical level he is my horse… but this week he became my heart horse. We started the week off on Monday going to Avalon Mountain Trail to test out or cues and have our first real ride away from home after our little warm up at my house. Rob the owner of Avalon Mountain Trail advised we allow the horses 2 hours, 1 for being led over the obstacles and 1 for potential riding, if the horse was ready. Rob also advised to only pick one or two obstacles to work on, not aim to finish the entire course. However, despite going into this expecting just that of Wrangler, one or two obstacles and potentially a little ride, he blew my expectations. Not even blinking at any of the challenges, my little brumby followed my forward cue and led beautifully over every obstacle. A seesaw? No problems. 3 podiums at different heights connected to replicate steps? Forward he went. A bridge that wobbled in the middle suddenly? His favourite!

Then it came time ride. Thankyou Wrangler is all I can say. Thankyou for always trying your hardest. Wrangler and I took on every obstacle with a smile on our face… actually a smile might be an understatement. We jumped in and out of water (I may be a showjumper but cross country has always scared me… until Wrangler), following my cues and trusting in my leadership that each decision I made was to keep us both safe. Monday was one of the best days ever and I couldn’t be happier to share it with my little man.

This week we have also been taking some inspiration from Avalon Mountain Trails and coming up with some fun ideas for our freestyle, practicing the basics of walk, trot, canter and also starting to play with some trickier concepts such as jumping, flags and taking our front legs to new heights.

Wrangler and I are getting excited for EQUITANA, but also to enjoy a long partnership with each other. Wrangler, you are incredible and I can’t wait to share so many more memories with you. 

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