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The final update, after 19 weeks, we’re actually at the end. These 150 days have gone faster than I could have ever imagined. These 150 days have changed me more than I could have ever imagined and taught me more about myself than I thought possible. People talk about self discovery, I never thought much about it, until I found myself faced with VBA Wrangler. Wrangler has been more than a horse or a best friend, but a mirror of myself, showing me what I need to learn and offering me the time to find the tools to face what I needed to face.

Wrangler and I have had an intense, emotional, overwhelming journey. When I brought the ‘LBB’ (little brown brumby) home we connected straight away. Pats on the first night fresh off the stock crate and cuddles the next day. I thought, this couldn’t be better, I got the easy one. Then, week 4 arrived. We lost the saddle, the weight over his back and went all the way back to the beginning as I realised my sensitive soul just couldn’t keep up with the pace of the other brumbies anymore. This is when our real journey began.

As we progressed through the weeks, we had our first ride and we began to get more ‘serious’ in our work, trying to combat the struggles with perseverance. But as I tried harder, and I pushed more, wrangler became defensive. I broke down in tears, streaming it to the world, feeling like giving in and feeling totally at loss, I was ready to throw in the towel and say goodbye to my brumby dream. In that moment, Wrangler stood closer to me than he ever had before, this time without the aggression. I had finally let my walls down, and accepted it wasn’t about the destination, it would be about this journey I had embarked on. No longer did I try to persevere through the hard times blindly, but I took the time to recognise exactly what my horse needed in that moment, regardless of what he had or hadn’t done the day or week before.

Since that moment, everything changed. Wrangler and I became a team, each plan we set, we had to make a new plan, this time for the right reasons. I was happy to just walk around, then we started trotting. Then we started cantering and Wrangler continued this pattern of exceeding my expectations day after day. We have achieved things I never thought would be possible in the time frame we had. We took on our first jumps, canter, crazy circus podiums and even a mountain horse trail. Wrangler showed me the trainer I need to be and the person I can be. Wrangler showed me unconditional love and persistence. He never gave up on me, even when given every reason to. Wrangler has become my best friend and no matter what happens at EQUITANA, as long as I take it on with him, we have already won. Here’s to the years ahead of us my little brown brumby, I love you and thankyou.