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Week 4 is so far the most testing week of this challenge. Wrangler tries so hard, he doesn’t say no, he looks for the solution time and time again. This week I really had to recognise however, how young Wrangler is. So far in the challenge Wrangler and I have been ‘keeping up’ with the other trainers, but this isn’t a competition for Wrangler, like fellow trainer Lara Beth has said so many times about VBA Cooper, for them this challenge is their chance at a new beginning, this is just the start of their biggest challenge yet. Wrangler mentally, needs so much longer to process what’s happening than an older horse, at his age it is so easy for him to slip into a mental place of “please just get it over with” or just shut down, and I don’t want to jeopardise his current solution seeking mentality for my own ego.
At first it was hard to go back to our original training this week, on Monday I felt defeated, we lost the saddle, we lost the weight on his back and we went back to walk away and lead, our first ever exercise after face up, then I started to see the growth. 3 weeks ago Wranglers shoulders didn’t move like that, 3 weeks ago Wrangler couldn’t step his hind legs under his belly like that, 3 weeks ago Wrangler didn’t back up down a wall like that. It was then I remembered what it was about horse training I fell in love with. It isn’t about how quick you can get a saddle on them, it’s about establishing leadership, becoming the leader that can do anything.

This week may not have been as exciting as our other weeks, our Instagram photos weren’t that impressive and our YouTube vlogs weren’t as entertaining, but this week I feel true to my principles. I didn’t rush my horse. Wrangler isn’t like every other brumby, no brumby is the same. I don’t know what next week will bring but I do know what comes next in The System, and I know that is where Wrangler and I will begin week 5.

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