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Week 5 and we’re back on track, but I don’t think that’s the right term. If nothing else, Wrangler has taught me (or reminded me) that training horses isn’t a straight line upwards, its full of highs and lows, two step forwards, one step backwards. My training system may be a checklist and I know exactly what is coming next every time, but that doesn’t mean I know exactly how the exercise will go, only how I will react to whatever answer Wrangler gives me.

Day 1 of week 5 and we were already flying, having our first bridle and beginning to mouth Wrangler, taking the new bridle like it was nothing, all he cared about was finding the solution. Watching all the pieces start to come together has to be one of my favourite parts, I noticed yesterday as I was standing next to wrangler that he was always bent towards me slightly, then he did it again as soon as I walked to the other side. Little moments like those are what I take for granted, so much so I usually wouldn’t even notice them.

Today we began long reining, Friday of week 5. To introduce the long reins all we did was begin to become comfortable with the rope touching his shoulder, ribs, hinds and then being able to throw it over his back and move each part of my horse onto the other side. I took the opportunity to have Lara Beth watch over us today, fine tuning my timing. As a trainer (who doesn’t like to admit it) I can be stubborn and want to do it myself, not be told how to do something. I will never not be grateful to have Lara watch over me and my horses, to have a mentor/coach able to teach you without making you feel any less about your abilities or like you’re just following instructions is priceless (and hard to come by). I have a feeling soon, Wrangler and I will be going on many adventures, I’m sure being the big, tough, super athletic, handsome man that he is, he will teach me a thing or two about the bush.

 Thankyou Wrangler, I need to thank you more, my little brown brumby.

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