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This week Wrangler and I are putting the final touches on our cues before we commence our ridden work, so that means driving, driving, driving.

Wrangler and I firstly introduced our inside rein, making sure I can bend Wrangler towards me and then ask him to take a step out onto the bigger circle without losing bend, so that I always have control of his hinds. It was super important I taught Wrangler not to walk into a closed rein, so that when I introduced a second rein I wouldn’t risk the two of us being tangled up. 

Then we brought in the second rein, the outside rein. The outside rein allowed me to have more control of his body, but also prepare him to have contact on both sides and is still willing to step out on a circle when there is slight pressure on the outside bit. Asking for our first two rein halt was definitely messy, but with practice, we got a bit tidier!

Once Wrangler was confident with both reins and the long reins touching all over his body (especially his hocks) it was time to drive using both reins from behind Wrangler, which thanks to a solid preparation, he took in his stride.  
Wrangler finally decided to get a bit brave this week and have a try of his vegetables (his Kentucky Equine Research Low GI Cubes) he discovered his quiet the vegetarian and really loves vegetables. Thankyou KER!

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