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Week 8 with Wrangler… where are the weeks going?

Wrangler is still struggling to take in everything that’s part of being a horse in the human world, after having another little ride on the weekend I noticed him begin to shut down again (even though the ‘ride’ was only 5 minutes’). Noticing Wrangler’s behaviour I decided to back track again and gain his confidence back rather than get greedy and push Wrangler beyond what he’s emotionally prepared for.

To keep Wrangler stimulated I introduced some new things into his routine this week, first being the giant soccer ball…. And folks, now I know all of my issues with my little brown brumby, he doesn’t want to be a showjumper, he wants to be a soccer player. Wrangler began to associate kicking the ball with end of session, leading him to find the ball and kick it as far as he could, if the session didn’t end he’d chase it and try again. Monday night Wrangler played a game of soccer with his brumby friend VBA Cooper, because that’s natural wild horse instinct right? Playing soccer wasn’t just about getting some cute videos though. My aim was to make when Wrangler did the right thing very black and white.

This week I also led Wrangler off Harry, Lara’s infamous stock horse. Although Wrangler hasn’t had any issues me being on his back, the better I prepare him, the smoother he will progress.

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