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Week 8 with Wrangler

This week Wrangler and I made a new promise to each other, we promised each other not to worry about the competition anymore, not to think about winning or what everyone else is up to. We promised to enjoy each other’s company and get back to what we had in week 1, when I thought I’d met my soul mate, surprisingly enough it was in a little brown brumby.

We’re still not riding, I have no idea when we will ride next. But what we are, is happy. Wrangler is happy to be with me (even when I’m a 5’10 human dressed in a duck suit) and that is my main priority. 

It’s been a slow and steady week with not much excitement, maybe a bit like this weeks update. But I can see my little brown brumby coming back and I can see myself coming back to him. 

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