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Amber Matthews

From Red Hill, Victoria: Professional Trainer

Amber's life was always destined to be equine related, given her passion for horses.

She became inspired to follow her own journey after observing the connection that horsemen in her family could grow with their stock and quarter horses.

Discovering the raw, honest partnership that could be formed is what drove Amber to improve her own skills and start training young horses of her own.

From competitive endurance to showjumping, Amber now uses her relationship with horses to achieve impossible things.

Amber's life is horses

VBA wrangler

VBA Wrangler is an approximately 14.1hh brown gelding who was caught as a three year old colt from the Kosciuszko National Park in 2017. Wrangler was a running with a big bachelor group of stallions including several you will see in the Australian Brumby Challenge: VBA Ariat, VBA Nugget, VBA Brolga, VBA Levi, VBA Coolabah and VBA Aussie! Once he arrived with us, Wrangler decided that living with a big bunch of boys wasn’t so fun and moved in to the next paddock, where he has taken care of a group of yearlings very sweetly!

VBA Wrangler's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Amber Matthews.

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Join Amber and VBA Wrangler on their journey !

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