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VBA Brolga week 1 - 23/6 to 29/6/18

VBA Brolga, (aka Sid), travelled like an absolute gem when he was picked up.  We had a 6 ½ drive from the Australian Brumby Association HQ to home in the Adelaide Hills. When we arrived home, he exited calmly and made himself at home laying in his hay and having a nap.

Over the last 6 days, Brolga has started to face up to me and is getting more comfortable by the day to be next to me. He likes to sniff my face but he is still getting used to being touched.  He loves his feeds and he nickers at me when I call him for feed time.  He has a weaning filly buddy in the paddock next to him to keep him company and they have become great mates.

As you can see, Brolga has an amazing mane and forelock making him look like a bit of a rocker pony therefore nicknamed Sid, Sid Vicious (or should I say Sid NOT Vicious). I feel like I won the lottery with this gorgeous pony.  He has the most beautiful nature and tries so hard to do the right thing.  He is an absolute character and I love him to bits!

You can follow our journey here and also on our facebook page where we will put up breakthrough’s as they happen. Power Equestrian (you will see VBA Brolgas face as the profile pic) or 

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