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VBA Brolga week 10 – 24/8 to 31/8/18

We have been going over the basics of groundwork again this week, as its always good to have refresher sessions to make sure that the basics are right! Lots more of the mouthing and wearing of the bridle, just to get his sensitive little mouth used to having the bit in.  Its always best to do this in short sessions just to get the corners of the mouth a bit “harder” (not hard, but so that it doesn’t give pain and rub or cause discomfort).

He has been very accepting of the bit and is more than happy to take it without any drama at all. I have also been working on riding him with the bareback pad and just his halter, getting him really responsive to moving off my leg and weight aids for his turns, moving the hindquarter and shoulders without any contact at all with his face. He has been so quick in picking this up with only the odd occasion where he has wanted to turn his head the other way, but not his body, so that’s really super. It has just been walking and halt as I like to make sure again that I have the real basics of his trust, confidence and therefore, control while I am riding. 

Safety for both myself and the horse is paramount, which is why I am an absolute advocate for a helmet at all times.

Next week will be more riding, and then move to long reining as part of the mouthing process.

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Amie Power

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