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VBA Brolga week 12 – 7/9 to 14/9/18

This week I have started to ride Sid in the bit and fully saddled.  I normally ride him bareback, so it was a change for both of us.  He has been doing well and starting to really wait for my leg and seat aids.  He is much more comfortable with these aids rather than the bit but that is to be expected, as its only his first week in the bridle. 

He is just so incredibly light to any touch, so I must be so careful when working with him.  All “domestic” horses take so much more to teach them to yield to pressure, but not this lovely brumby, he is amazing!

I have been taking the time I need to get him where he is, so at this stage, we are not yet trotting under saddle.  He has had some issues getting his balance and taking his weight on his right-side hind, which has dramatically improved in the last week.  He has become more even with his muscle in the hindquarter now, that’s why he is getting better.  Like us, horses are always one sided and you must always remember that.  They will always find exercises harder to one side that the other so make sure you allow for that and work on the weaker side a bit more.

Pati is the key always!  If you have had a terrible day and you are not in the mental frame of mind to work calmly and rationally with your horse, just enjoy their company and groom or go for a walk in-hand.  I have seen so many times that people have undone so much good work just because of one bad day.

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