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VBA Brolga week 13 – 14/9 to 21/9/18

I have been doing lots of long reining and work on the ground this week with the bridle on.  Last week I did jump on and have a ride in the saddle and bridle but just at a walk in the round yard.

Now to progress to more ridden work, the long reining is an absolute essential part of training.  He has calmly and successfully progressed to trotting and is listening to my voice aids as well the rein aids of the long reins. This is also a fantastic way to help your horse get natural balance without the burden of the rider.

This will mean I will be able to start some lateral work under saddle at the walk next week, and also start him trotting under saddle (if he is happy, comfortable and balanced!).  Without all 3 of these elements, it will not happen, and it will just cause him anxiety. 

Sid is a lady’s man and he just loves having all the mares fight over him.  He is also very clean and still poos in one spot, as stallions naturally do. Although he is a gelding, it can take up to 12 months for all the “stallion instincts” to slowly stop although, if your lucky, your gelding might keep this super clean habit (crossing my fingers).

He is looking a million dollars with his new summer coat coming through, he is a beautiful dark chestnut under all that fluff.  I am a bit bias though as I just love this horse. 

He does love his carrots and treats now and has even starting eating some pallet feeds.  He is so fussy and loves everything as plain as possible!

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