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VBA Brolga week 14 – 21/9 to 28/9/18

Wow, it’s week 14 already and Equitana is not far away.  This week Sid has been mastering work under saddle.  He has been learning to be soft and responsive to the rein.  It’s important for the trainer to “give” and soften the rein as soon as horse tries for us.  Then eventually we ask more and more to get to what we want to achieve. The horse learns by pressure and release. Pressure example, putting on the leg to ask the hindquarters to move over, release example, taking the leg off when he moves his hindquarter.  The reason your release is so important is because this is when the horse learns, when you release.

All horses learn differently. Some can pick things up quickly and some take longer, but at the end of the day, its important to stay calm and consistent.  Don’t give up, training doesn’t take 5 minutes, it takes time.   

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