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VBA Brolga week 15– 28/9 to 5/10/18

This week Sid has had a week of fun rather than “work”.  He started to not love being caught which told me that he was not really enjoying what he was doing, I just had a week of playing with him and that each time he was caught, didn’t mean that he would be ridden. 

He had his first bath, a hoof trim and loads of cuddles.  We went into the area where I would let him off and then walk away.  No eye contact, my back to him and even a jog and each time, he was right there with me.  The first few times I jogged away from him, he was like “why would I use more energy than needed”, so he would walk to me.

Towards the end of this week when I would go in and catch him, he started to be back to his normal self and walk to me.  This is exactly what I wanted to achieve.  I also put him in with a gelding for company which they both just loved.  They are social creatures and don’t like to be on their own.

Although this is a competition, it is way more important that the horses physical and mental well being are taken care of before anything else, and that’s just how training goes.  I am so happy I have him back and will only be riding him a few days a week now, concentrating more on the fun things on the ground.

This is the first time I have come across this in the starting process, so its new for me, but that’s ok, because every single horse is different and its not a case of one size fits all.

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