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VBA Brolga week 17– 12/10  to 19/10/18

With only 3 weeks to go until Equitana and the McDowells herbal brumby challenge. I have to say, I am getting a bit nervous.  Not because of Sids preparation, but just because this is such a big event and it’s a great way to show just how amazing these horses are as a ridden companion.

I am blown away by how receptive and trusting they are, how responsive they are to the aids and how they just want to please. 

This week has been super busy for me and again, the weather has been so up and down he has not had a full week of consistent work.  Even with that, I just jumped on bareback and with the halter on and off he went, not a fuss and no silliness what so ever.  He walks over the trot poles on his own and follows me around waiting for what I am going to ask him to do next.

He is so obliging to anything I ask and if he is not sure what I am asking when we do something new, he just keeps trying until he gives me the right answer, which is what I ask him to do.

Some domestically bred horses are not this sensible and have had a hard start to life.  We take them from mum, brand them, microchip them and then send them on their way to a new home or keep them until they are ready to be started.  I have a filly here that started life this way, and she was absolutely terrified of people, even more than Sid when he arrived.  She is still not overly trusting as yet, but that will change.

I can’t wait for you all to meet Sid, but be patient with him, he will check you out before he will be willing to talk to you, but I will have plenty of carrots which always wins him over, lol.

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Amie Power

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