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VBA Brolga week 18– 19/10 to 26/10/18

This week has been a great one for really advancing under saddle.  Sid has really started to understand lateral work and use his hindquarters more evenly.  He is still weaker on his right-side hind and I have been working on strengthening that since I started with him.

He had trouble picking up the correct canter leads, and he also found it quite hard to get his lateral work consistent due to the weakness.  His canter work has improved, and he is now picking up the correct leads. This is the reason why I have only started to canter him in the last few weeks, due to his trouble with carrying weight evenly.

When he found things a bit difficult under saddle, he would tell me by either rushing forward or stopping and would put his head in the air.  When this happened, I would just talk to him, bring him back to walk and try again at the walk until he had tried and understood what I was asking.

It is absolutely imperative that we listen to what the horse is telling us.  There is always a reason for what they do and how they behave.  The things we need to ask ourselves are “do they understand what I am asking”, “is it a pain response”, “do they have a weakness” or “are they listening to me”.  Horses don’t “fake” lameness.  I do hear this quite a bit from people, especially at competitions.  In the wild, lameness can equal being eaten by a predator, so they won’t fake being lame. If you have ever seen a horse in pain and in fear, they can run.  The adrenalin floods the system which helps him to flee to safety, but the pain will return. 

The more time we take to really understand our horses, the better the relationship we have with them.

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