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VBA Brolga week 19– 26/10 to 2/11/18

We are starting to get all our gear cleaned and ready, music picked for freestyle and a little more is being asked of Sid everyday.  We have been out trail riding which he took like a pro.  He was having a look at the rubbish bins but he is an inquisitive horse, so he went up for a look and sniff, yuk!

He was trying so hard to get over and talk to the neighbourhood cows and sheep, but the fence was not conducive to a play with them, lol. 

As I do everything on my own, his rides have been on his own which is quite hard for a horse until they get used to it.  Riding out on your own means that confidence building must come from the rider, and not another horse if things get a bit tough.  We had to stop and look a few times until he got the confidence to keep going, which came from all our training at home.  I talk to my animals a lot, not just my horses but my dogs as well.  A nice quiet seat with encouragement that things are ok really helps our trusty steeds.

You have to learn and understand what encouragement is, and what is just too much pressure.  If you can’t read the horses behaviour, you might just push them too hard and that’s when things can happen.  It’s a delicate balance and can take a lot of practice to master.  Let them look then ask to move forward.  Once they take that one forward step, you need to back off and then let them go.  If they are still unsure, ask again and follow the same pattern.  I did have to get off once when he got a bit stuck, and I led him.  He was totally fine and relaxed then I jumped back on and he was fine.  He just needed a bit of help from me to see it was ok and get some confidence from me without pushing him past the point he just could not cope. 

Don’t loose your cool if they don’t get it.  This means that you must go home and do a bit more work on the ground and then again under saddle with a few questions for them to answer.  These questions are things that maybe they are not really good at, or something new to try.

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