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VBA Brolga week 2 - 29/6 to 6/7/18

VBA Brolga has tried his little heart out this week.  We have had a huge week of advancements and now, he in a halter and learning to lead.

Sid didn’t like to be touched,  it took quite some time to get him used to me touching him.  He started by letting me touch his lip then we advanced over a few days to shoulder, neck and face.  He has been wanting to be close to me more everyday, especially since he has realised that me touching him means that I can scratch his itchy spots! We even managed a bit of mutual grooming.

After introducing him to the halter over a couple of days, he quite happily accepted me putting it on him without any issues what so ever.  Now we are onto learning to lead, new experiences and building on trust.

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