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VBA Brolga week 20– The week before EQUITANA and our final update.

I can’t believe just how far we have come in 20 weeks.  It may seem like a long time, but really, its not.  Over that time, he has not been worked everyday during that time, and he has had times where he just needed a bit of a break.  I remember how scared he was of people when he first arrived to now be, my best friend.

Sid has made such an amazing impression on me that I have decided to keep him and continue our partnership.  Although this was a journey for these beautiful brumbies, it has also been a journey for myself.  I have learned so much about a deep bond built from pure trust in each other.  Sid has been one of the best and most incredible horses to train. 

Although I do love to ride him, I find our time on the ground to be the most fun. I love that I am next to him and how he just wants to be with me.  He is respectful of space and has never been pushy. 

When I go to see him in the paddock, I call him and he whinnies at me, how could that just not melt your heart.  He is in with another horse as he is such a great teacher of manners.  He teaches the horses who come to me with no social skills how to be a horse. 

Although this is a competition and there will be an overall winner, I feel like that is not even why I want to be there.  I want to show the horse world just how amazing these horses are as your friend, teacher and partner. 

This is a really big 4 days for us, (and 2 days travel), and I will be out there to show everyone just how far we have come however, if I feel Sid is getting a bit overwhelmed or is just getting tired, he may not participle in all of the events.  His mental and physical wellbeing are of the upmost importance to me, and he will tell me if he’s ok or not.  I hope you all understand.

Well for the 2018 McDowells Herbal Australian Brumby Challenge, this is our last update and I can’t wait for you to drop past our stable and meet him next week!

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Amie Power