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VBA Brolga week 3 – 6/7 to 13/7/18

VBA Brolga has advanced so well this week.  We have made a transition to doing some work in the arena.  I have let him off in there to test our relationship with super results.  Sid was right up the other end when I called, and he came straight to me. We have really developed a lovely bond together.

After working on coming off pressure in week 2, this week we started to work on new experiences such as the bigger space, walking on new surfaces and the saddle.  After a slow introduction to the saddlecloth and saddle over the week, he was happy and relaxed to walk to the arena, walk on the tarp and be saddled up. 

He will not be ridden for a little while yet as he needs be mouthed and long reined which will help to build up strength in his back to carry my weight.

It is so important to take time and not jump any steps in the training process.  Taking your time at the start will save time later in the training program.

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