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VBA Brolga week 4 – 13/7 to 20/7/18

VBA Brolga has had a bit of an easy week due to terrible weather.  The arena was flooded, the round yard was to slippery and the weather was not at all cooperating.  So, he was happily introduced to a rug, which he was so happy to have after all the cold wind, rain and hail. 

All of the work this week was done in the stables so now, he has really solidified his tying up, picking up feet and general relaxation and comfort at being in smaller than normal spaces.  We practiced ground tying, but it will need a bit more work, he much prefers to be right next to me. 

Although we didn’t get to further our work with the saddle on this week, we practiced and improved on our foundations, the building blocks to great training.  When things go wrong, you can almost guarantee it is because one of the basics needs more work. It is also important that no matter how far you advance a horse over years of work, you always need to test the basics.

Let’s hope we can get out and about a bit more next week. Sid just loves to see new things and takes new experiences head on. Love this little guy.

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