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VBA Brolga week 5 – 20/7 to 27/7/18

VBA Brolga has had another bit of an easy week due to horrible weather, and even spent his first night in a stable to dry out. He has however started to drop his winter coat and I have already made a duplicate horse out of it!

We have worked on the mounting block and standing up higher than him, which he just took in his stride and didn’t even worry about. He has learned that the mounting block is a nice safe place to be. He is so trusting and just does everything I ask of him.  If he doesn’t get it right, he just quietly tries a new way without even getting upset.

Sid is defiantly one of the most amazing horses I have worked with, and I love walking outside and every time he hears me, he whinnies at me.  He stops eating (which he is a typical pony, would eat himself to death), to come over to get a scratch and a cuddle. 

I continue every day to pick up his feet to establish balance, as he has trouble getting weight onto the right-side hind.  He can hold it a little longer each day.

Fingers crossed the weather is a bit better in week 6 and we can start some lunging and long reining.

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Amie Power

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