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VBA Brolga week 6 – 27/7 to 3/8/18

Sid has graduated to be a horse again, in a nice green paddock with a dam.  He absolutely loved it but didn’t even run off when I let him go in there.  He followed me around until he got a bit of confidence and then just walked around to check out his new surroundings.  When I went in to catch him, there was no drama at all, I just called, and he came to me.  We did however discover a problem on catching………….Sid is a water baby and went for a swim in the dam!  What a rat bag.  So if you check out our video on Facebook, you will see how wet he is, lol.

I love to see him in a nice big paddock and enjoying the grass.

We had another big advancement, he has now been ridden bareback for the first time.  In his halter and no saddle, we just went for a walk around the arena.  I just love how responsive he is to my leg, just moving away nicely when I ask with no tension.

We did start some lunging this week.  I like to teach voice commands on the lunge so when it comes to riding, the horse understands the voice aid and then you can easily teach the leg aid to match. I find this method to be the best for me. 

I was so proud of him this week, he always amazes me with how relaxed he is when it comes to new things. Repetition is the key to good training.  Keep it the same and easy until understanding has been achieved.  If you get frustrated, have a look at your aids as the horse doesn’t understand.  Don’t get angry at the horse, change what your doing as the rider/trainer. 

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