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VBA Brolga week 7 – 3/8 to 10/8/18

This week has been another one that the weather gods have not been kind.  Pouring rain, horrific winds and some freezing weather has made it a bit quiet on the riding front, but a great week to start float loading!

Day 1 in the first 2 minutes, Sid is on the tailgate and inquisitive about getting on the float. He has a bit of a look around and then decides if he closes his eyes, it will magically disappear.  Not so lucky young man, lol.

At this point, I have not asked him to self-load, just be comfortable and relaxed about the new environment, surface under hoof and backing out quietly.  I walk in first, making sure my front exit is open for safety reasons, although I am not asking him to come all the way in while I am in there (but if he gets a fright and jumps in, I have a clear and safe exit).  After a short session, he is happy and relaxed on the tailgate, so I back him out and finish the session on a good note.

Day 2, straight up and half way in without hesitation.  I now back him out and start to ask for self loading.  This has caused him a little anxiety as he likes to  be with me, so I just take my time and re assure him.  He gets comfortable on the tailgate then I ask for a bit more.  He is not all the way in yet, but I am really happy with his progress.  He is trying and he’s doing it in a relaxed way. 

I am in no hurry with float loading.  Every horse is very different and takes the experience in a different way.  No matter what, it must be safe and comfortable or this will cause anxiety which can take a long time to overcome and be dangerous when travelling.

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