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VBA Brolga week 8 – 10/8 to 17/8/18

Sid has had this week off to unwind and have a bit of a break from learning. My training philosophy is that you don’t push too hard too fast just to get results.  Although we would all love to have it all “right now”, that is not how it works.  It takes time, patients and an ability to read your horse when they ask for just a bit of time to process what they have learned.

It is also so important that you master the basics on the ground before you ask for anything more. Control on the ground is the basis for safety, calmness and respect. 

This weeks picture shows Sid having his first bit of “chocolate”, molasses, and he loves it.  So next week, he starts the real work with being mouthed and work under saddle, or bareback.  Cant wait!

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Amie Power

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