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VBA Brolga week 9 – 17/8 to 24/8/18

This week has been a bit of fun one.  Sid has really started to drop out his winter coat, and a new shiny dark chestnut lies beneath all that fuzz!  He has found himself a scratching tree to rub on and help me out in getting it all out.  Its very well loved that tree, lol.

We have started the mouthing process and more desensitisation to the bareback pad with sits all the way over his rump because he’s so little.  He had no problem with it and just wanted to play with it.

He is accepting the bit nicely and with no tension.  We take this nice and slow, progressively keeping it in a little longer each day.  The bitting process has to be done correctly or a horse can become very hard to bridle.  It must also be done slowly as it can cause rubbing and discomfort in the corners of the mouth due to the fact they are not used to it, and this skin is very soft and sensitive.  I like to use a French link or lozenge bit at all times, not the old nutcracker style bit.  These are much more ergonomic and comfortable for the horse.

A little bit of just plodding around and loads of grooming.

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Amie Power

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