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It's been such an exciting first week to be teamed with Zazu. When I arrived at Brumby Junction I was straight away asked "if you could pick any mare Amy, which one would it be?" and after about 1 minute of looking at the pen of mares I said "probably the grey" - well it was my lucky day!

I have been blown away by Zazu's  confidence and curiosity in people and her surroundings. From the moment we unloaded her off the trailer she was calm and curious, immediately approaching me.

I have taken this first week fairly slowly, only spending 10-15 minutes of actual training time with her per day, as I have wanted to allow her time to adapt to her new surroundings and a new routine. I feel this will help me retain her confident personality.

In my sessions I have been predominately working on getting her attention on me, facing up and drawing her in. Once this was established I was able to start focusing on touching her on the face, neck and back - she had very little concern about this. Because she was reasonably comfortable I was able to put the halter on and start the lead training, something I didn't expect to be doing in the first week!

I have been working on her softening in the face and following a feel and direction, again  something she is picking up very quickly! She has an interesting personality, as I see glimpses of an impatient and demanding personality. I can't wait to see her progress.

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