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Week 12 VBA Zazu

So, I have not long landed back in Aus after 3 weeks in Mongolia, where I competed in The Gobi Desert Cup. It was an absolutely amazing experience, mentally and physically challenging at times. I was so fortunate to meet such a diverse, friendly group of people that really made the race the great experience it was.

Zazu in this time spent her days eating and eating some more! She had a good 3 weeks spell or as some would say 'soak', where she was able to relax mentally and physically, absorbing all the lessons from the previous weeks.

On Monday I picked Zazu up. I was a little unsure how I would be received after the time apart and her having no handling in this time. Should I be surprised that I was able to walk straight up to her and put a hand straight on her? It was like I had only seen her hours prior! I put the halter on and off we went.

She did display a little freshness when it came time to load onto the float. Prior to me leaving I had done quite a bit of travelling with Zazu and had never had a problem, so I was a little surprised. However, it is completely understandable that after three weeks on fresh green grass she had a few opinions. I worked with Zazu moving her hips and directing her feet as much as possible. She would often half load and then want to pull back. I would go with her until we were clear of the float and then put her feet straight to work, not allowing her to relax away from the float. I would then straight away ask her to move forward to the float and when she would step up I would back off and reward her. After a few goes doing this she quickly decided that it was not worth the energy and loaded straight up.

I have got quite a bit of work to catch up on, so I didn't get to work Zazu much this week. I got some time Thursday evening where I planned to do some ground work in the build up to getting back on. After 10 minutes of working Zazu and practicing her body control she was relaxed and soft enough that I felt she was ok to ride.  Zazu didn't put a foot wrong, happily working through what I asked her ie moving hip, moving shoulders, side passing, opening and closing gates and a trot across the paddock. I couldn't be happier with her first ride back, completely calm and willing.

Amy Eighteen

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