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VBA Zazu Week 13

Unfortunately I am still busy catching up on work post trip, so this week has been another light week of work for Zazu.

We have done a mixture of trail riding and arena work, and I have been very pleased with how Zazu has come back into work after her 3 week spell.  I feel we have picked up where we left off, no fizz or silliness, just a quiet willing attitude.

I predominately worked on transitions from walk to trot, trot to canter and walk. Refining the steps and smoothing out the change in gait. She has been good at picking up her correct leads in the canter and I am focusing on picking her shoulders up and not letting her fall into a tighter circle. I also mouthed her for the first time this week. I have started this process by simply allowing her to wear the bridle whilst she is left in the round yard. I will then long rein her in the bridle and allow her to feel and understand this new form of communication.

She is quite a handy horse to ride around the property, as I don’t have to get off to open a gate (even the tricky ones). She knows to line herself up next to it and then shuffles her way around and through the gate, sticking close the whole time so I don’t lose a grip on the gate and then lines straight back up to latch up.

Amy Eighteen

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