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Week 14 VBA Zazu

My main focus this week has been working on getting Zazu comfortable with the bit.

In preparation for riding with the bridle I longed reined Zazu, teaching her to follow the feel from a different pressure point. She picked this up quite quickly.

I have now ridden Zazu a few times this week using the bridle. She has been a little fussy with the bit but is following direction nicely. I don't apply much pressure and ride as much as possible using my seat and leg as direction. She has only had a couple of rides with the bit, so I suspect with some time she will settle and relax more.

Given Zazu's size (13hh), I picture her going to a home where children will be riding her. Whilst  I want my horses to be soft and responsive, I don't want her to be so sensitive that kids can't safely handle and ride her. So I did some bareback riding in the round pen, I also  was climbing onto her from the round yard panels and sliding off - not being too delicate to where my feet and hands were. She accepted this no problems and was happily ridden bareback.

Amy Eighteen

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