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Week 15 VBA Zazu

Zazu has continued to impress me this week. We have had a couple of outings and interactions with new people.

Tuesday I had a saddle fitter out to see if we can improve the fit of my saddle for Zazu. I have had a lot of trouble with my saddle being too big for her, coupled with her odd shape this causes the  saddle to ride up over her shoulders. This has inhibited my ability to really work on maintaining a nice balanced canter, as I have to stop and dismount to readjust the saddle every 1-2 circles. The problem is not completely resolved and I have resorted to riding her in a crupper. On the plus side it was a good exercise for Zazu to have somebody else handle her and tinker with the saddle for quite some time. 

Zazu also paid a visit to the local primary school, where we played some basketball. I started out by bouncing the ball around her until I felt she was comfortable with the sounds. I was then able to ride her whilst bouncing the ball and shooting hoops. She was completely unfazed by it all even when the ball accidently hit her. We could run around her bouncing the ball and shooting hoops over her and she was happy to just stand or follow me around the court.

Saturday I took her to Avalon horse park, here they are set up with obstacles for horses. There are water obstacles, bridges, seesaws, platforms and poles etc. I spent a quick 10-15 minutes taking Zazu around the course in- hand and within in minutes she was willingly travelling where I pointed her. She picked up very quickly that if it was an odd shape or something on the ground in front of her she was meant to go over it, stand on it or go under it.

I hope this coming week with the new adjustments made to Zazu's tack we will be able to focus more on our flat work.

Amy Eighteen

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