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VBA Zazu Week 16

Zazu has had a fairly light week of work with just a couple of arena and trail ride sessions.

I have new horses in for training so it has been a good opportunity to use Zazu to help with these horses out on the trail. She has a calming influence on nervous horses and with her independent attitude I find she does not mirror their behaviour.

In fact, Zazu blew me away with her ability to think things through and problem solve on one trail ride. We were along a narrow track that had a very sharp incline on one side and on the other was a very steep drop, across the track was a large tree that had big branches off the trunk. It was too high for Zazu to jump and I would have thought too difficult and dangerous for her to navigate stepping over the high branches (nearly chest height).

 I jumped off to see if I could make a path around it, and when I turned around Zazu was standing very close, obviously thinking she was meant to follow me. Before I could stop her she was ever so delicately navigating her way over the branches, she wouldn't panic when a leg would get stuck or the branch in front of her was too high and thick to step over, she would just calmly shuffle her way around and eventually out to the other side.

I watched nervously thinking the situation could very easily end badly but Zazu stayed calm, calmer than me and worked through the problem. This was a great example of Zazu's personality and it is what makes her such a pleasure to train and work with.

Amy Eighteen

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