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VBA Zazu

Week 17

This past week has been a busy and productive week for Zazu. Now that I have made some improvements to the fit of Zazu’s saddle it has meant we have been able to have some more concentrated arena sessions. I have seen some big improvements in our cantering work in the arena, as I have been able to ask Zazu to maintain gait (before we were often having to stop and readjust tack). This has allowed her to gain strength, balance and in turn confidence in maintaining a lope.

We attended our first show, The Brumby Festival. I was very proud of how Zazu handled herself in such a new environment. She was calm and listening. There were times, when she would become a little distracted by her surroundings, however she maintained a soft feel.

Zazau came third in the ridden brumby mare class. It was a great opportunity to see what areas I need to improve on in the lead up to EQUITANA. For example, when it was our turn to canter one circle each way she had a tendency to draw towards the horses, meaning she was not staying between my hands and legs. Therefore, I need to work on ‘working’ Zazu in busy/high energy environments, so we can practice keeping her mind with me. 

Zazu has also been on some larger trail rides in the forest. It is a great way to exercise her mind and body, as there are many hills and obstacles. I do still keep her mind busy with exercises such as, bending around trees, walk trot and canter transitions, turns and side passes. I find it is a much more interesting environment to practice these things.

Amy Eighteen

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