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VBA Zazu

Week 19

Zazu has been ticking along well this week. We have had some long trail rides through town and into the forest. I find it quite remarkable that I can walk Zazu down the main street of town with Buses, cars, motorbikes, pushbikes, trailers and trains and she is completely chilled, as if she has been doing it all her life.

To get to the forest we have to cross a busy intersection with the puffing billy train line that runs through the centre. Now, I don't mind pushing the limits at times but I wasn't exactly hoping that puffing billy would come through just as I was crossing... but it did. The crossing bells went and the cars all stopped and then came the horn of the train and all the smoke. We were standing on the corner so didn't really have anywhere to go. Luckily Zazu was completely unfazed and happy to stand and wait quietly.

We also had another trip down to Avalon horse park. This time I took another horse I have in training too. It was the first time I had floated Zazu with another horse and I am pleased to say she travelled just as solid and calmly. Zazu went over and through all the obstacles with no stress or hesitation.

As I have mentioned, our arena work has just been about refining our skills and concentrating on smoother transitions. Zazu is maintaining canter much better now and is developing more strength.

Amy Eighteen

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