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week 20

Week 20

VBA Zazu

Wow! So that was week 20 and we are just a few days off EQUITANA!

What an adventure, journey, lesson and all round great time it has been working with Zazu. I know I am going to miss this pony something terrible, she is just such a little sweetheart to be around.

I have had several outings with Zazu this week from working in different indoor arena's to a lesson with reining trainer Dave Russell. She has been working really well for me and trying her hardest, she even did her first canter lead change!

Zazu has come such a long way since she first stepped off the trailer back in June, but one thing has remained the same. Her willingness and desire to be with me and learn was there from the beginning and is still there today. It blew me away back then and blows me away now at how sensible, calm and considered this little pony is, even in what most of us would call 'sticky' or 'undesirable' situations, and because of that, it is so easy to teach Zazu and have a partnership with her.

Zazu would do well in a variety of disciplines, from ARC, pony club, trail riding to anything really! if her new owner develops the partnership with her and shows her kindness, consistency and leadership she will always give you her best. Zazu has all the basics of walk trot and canter, she moves off leg well,  side passing etc. She is fantastic out on the trail alone or in company.

It's a bitter sweet time going to EQUITANA, I feel proud of what we have achieved together and where Zazu is at in her training, but I can't help feel somewhat sad to know that our time together is coming to an end. I have no doubt that whoever the lucky bidder is to buy Zazu will have endless joy working with her, just as I have.

Amy Eighteen

FB: 'Amy Eighteen Equine Services'.

 P.S. Don't forget you need to register to bid on a brumby at EQUINTAN. Registration is still open!